01 Advocacy Projects (Touchpoint Development)

Yoojin Lee
Wongru Zong
Xinze Li
Shuangyu Xi
Humanizing incarcerated persons and communities disproportionately affected by the current carceral system.

The Advocacy Touchpoint aims to influence perceptions within our social, political, and economic systems. These projects aim to provide opportunities for storytelling, dialogue, lobbying and activism, creating platforms for lesser-heard voices.  Following are some examples of Advocacy projects: 

Neighborhood Connections Gallery Exchange

This initiative aims to connect people, across cultures and social groups, through art and creative expression by creating gallery “exchanges”.

Work from artists around various neighborhoods in NYC might be staged in Chelsea galleries, while work from traditional galleries would be hosted in pop-up spaces in neighborhoods across the city.

Community Journalism Street Furniture

All too often, the stories that get told are from an established hierarchical media industry and a singular point of view. This collection of street furniture aims to garner stories from people on the street, encouraging communities to craft and tell their own narratives.

Neighborhood Forums

Neighborhood forums would provide space for neighbors to gather, host community board meetings, debate, and work collectively to solve local challenges.

Activism HQ

An activism hub is a place that provides inspiration, resources, and tools for activists and community organizers.