Community Justice Center Far Rockaway

Jayden Perez
Alicia Ng
Stephanie Schiff
Raymond Xie
This neighborhood-based justice center offers opportunities to thrive, while also resolving conflict. The center celebrates the culture of the community and that allows visitors to see themselves reflected within the space.
Site Location -- Mott Avenue

Mott Avenue is a highly navigated part of Far Rockaway and it is surrounded by small businesses. We chose this location because the Community Justice Center would be easily visible and accessible to everyone in the community.

Crime Breakdown in Far Rockaway
Community Demographics

Project Goals:


User Diagram
Longitudinal Section with Building Break

Ground Floor

Second Floor


The ground floor is dedicated to public spaces like basketball courts and

event space, as well as storefronts to serve as small business incubators. The upper level offers community resources like daycare, classrooms, arts studios, and conflict-resolution and peacemaking. And a community garden and events space on the roof bring the community together in celebration, not just in times of crisis.

Terracotta Tile
Talavera Tile
Oak Wood (Stained)
Lobby Render