Harbour Housing

Qian Wang
Yuhan Wang
The Affordable modular collective housing explores the promotion of human social relationships and how to improve the state of the human mental health. Housing affects people’s living conditions and social relations, and also people’s lifestyle depending on architecture. This housing then shapes the social behavior of the person and makes changes in the person’s life. Housing has a great impact on people’s psychology. People can feel comfortable and enjoyable by living in a house with existing interests in behavior and humanistic care for elder people and ADA.


The modular collective housing community, also known as Harbour, aims to allow all residents who come to the building to be welcome and have a sense of protection. A community of caring and comfortable environments is created. This housing is offered to residents of the surrounding community with low economic capacity where people can be self-sufficient and feel ease and supported.

Modular Collective Housing Community Programming

Ground Floor: Gym, Coffee shop, Co-op market (It provides a place for residents to sell the vegetables and fruits they grow and the handmade items they make to those who need them. Not only can the residents have an economic source, but they can also improve their relationship with their neighbors)

First Floor: Playground (Playground placed on the first floor outdoor platform, is to protect the child in a visual range, parents in the hallway or home can observe the safety of children) , Family game room

Second Floor: Art Studio (Learn to make handicrafts and sell them in the co-op market)

Third Floor: Shared library

Rooftop: Garden (A sunny place where residents can grow their own vegetables and fruits and sell them in the co-op market)