03 Intervention Projects (Touchpoint Development)

Ariella Ahdut
Sky Morales
Selin Ozderici
Repairing wounds caused by wrongdoing using alternatives that divert people from the current criminal justice system.

Intervention projects are about repairing wounds in communities caused by wrongdoing using alternatives to the current criminal justice system. By creating these alternative, more progressive models, the intention is to redirect people who might otherwise end up in prison to other more reparative programs.

Projects and programs provide early diversion from the traditional justice system in order to achieve better outcomes for those arrested. Proposals include engagement with law enforcement and courts, community justice centers, peacemaking circles, and community service & internships.

The Intervention team developed 4 space types as part of their development, the Welcome Center, The Community Justice Court, and two Peacemaking Circles (small and large models).

Resource/Help Center
(for Families of the Justice-Experienced)

When a family member has an interaction with the criminal justice system, it can be traumatic for the rest of the family. This Resource Center for families of the justice-experienced would be located near local jails and court facilities, and would provide information and assistance to those who’s loved ones find themselves involved with law enforcement.

This is the physical presence of a larger online effort to connect families with resources they need. The storefront also serves as an educational gallery communicating issues around mass incarceration to passersby.

Community Justice Hearing Rooms

These purpose built hearing rooms break down traditional hierarchies typical
of court rooms to facilitate just processes. These spaces host hearings by multi-jurisdictional judges that have the power to recommend alternatives to incarceration providing diversion from traditional sentences.

The organic layout moves away from win/lose positioning and removes intimidation providing an intimate space for connection and understanding, allowing people to speak their truth comfortably.

Community Peacemaking Spaces

Rooted in Native American tradition, Peacemaking Circles bring healing to both the victim and the accused, involving community members in the process. These spaces are intended to make everyone feel equal and comfortable, with warm inviting materials, natural light, and private spaces for prep/reflection before and after the peacemaking process.

Intimate Peacemaking Space

A second (more intimate) peacemaking space allows for deeper connections between participants. It caters to different social and emotional comfort levels and incorporates biophilic design principles to create a calming atmosphere.