The Monument | Reflecting memorial

Louisa Gutenberger
These memorials will memorialize those lost in gun violence in the Johnson Houses Area of East Harlem. The memorials will contain shoes the person has worn.


Gun violence has affected East Harlem significantly, especially with young people. According to the Youth Nation Grinding podcast, younger people have been desensitized to the violence. Whether it be in music, social media, or the citizen app, people are exposed to gun violence constantly. People have to be even more cautious of their surroundings. And because of this young people find their way to guns to defend themselves since they are easy to get. Many young people in gangs will receive guns from older gang members.


Memorials will offer the loved ones of those affected by gun violence some closure and a place to commemorate their life.

Inspired by the shoe tossing that we saw on the site tour. These memorials will be from people in the Johnson Houses area. They will have the shoes of the people that have been lost in gun violence.


The memorials will belocated together. The modified vitrines will bemade from materials that are able to withstand the weather of the site. They will be located on the edges of the site because it will be out of the way yet accessible. Keeping it out of the way of the main circulation will help those affected by the trauma ofthe events the opportunity to not see it all the time.