Sprout DIY Modular Greenhouse Kit (Prevention)

Huanyu Kuang
An easy-to-fabricate low-tech, high-productivity greenhouse encouraging community members to grow and share fresh food together.

A "food desert" is an area that has limited access to affordable healthy food. Poor diets, often associated with the intake of processed fast foods, can lead to worse public health outcomes and increased risk for diseases such as type 2 diabetes. This raises important questions, such as what is the reason for the over-saturation of unhealthy, cheap fast food offerings in low-income areas (and in NYC, often in communities of color.)

Potential Site -- Brownsville, Brooklyn
Market Area for selling or donating fresh products

Sprout is intended to be built in multiples as a community, creating opportunities for intergenerational teaching and sharing while growing food and building a mutual support network of freshly grown vegetables in "food deserts."

User Experience

Various planter inserts are designed to accommodate a wide variety of crops and cultural diets. The modular design makes these easy to install, replace, and exchange over time. A "Market Stall" insert also facilitates sharing.

Overall Assembly
Insert A - Hydroponic Planter
Insert B - Soil Planter

Four configurations: Leafy Greens, Fruit Plants, Root Plants, Vine Plants