Subway Stories (Advocacy)

Jayden Perez
A distributed pop-up interactive installation celebrating the diversity of New York City neighborhoods, using the MTA system as a gallery.

New York City neighborhoods are dramatically stratified by income and class. And with many communities gathering in self-sufficient cultural enclaves, it's easy to live here for years without stepping off the train into a community different from your own. Stereotypes and misconceptions arise when people don't meet people who don't look like them. Subway Stories uses commutes to break down these geographic barriers.

A Tale of the 2 Trains—Income Disparity on the NYC Subway system

Subway Stories encourages users to share a photo & answer a prompt, introducing New Yorkers from different stops to each other, and humanizing people from communities that don't often interact.

People interacting with Subway Stories while waiting for the train

What made you smile today? Are you satisfied? Who are you? What makes you, you? The installation prompts you to text a self-portrait and share your answer to a provocation.

User Experience: How Subway Stories Works
Single wall display for small subway platforms
Double wall display for large subway platforms and bus stops