YAYB - Confluence

Jackson Zerrer
Jiun Lee
Minxuan Zhong
Xiaaou Cao
"YAYB is more like a family" "Power of Love" Our proposal organizes the YAYB Programs around a central “plaza”, encouraging gathering, community, and spontaneous interactions that reinforce the strong sense of family at YAYB.
History of YAYB
MissionThis renovation of YAYB builds off of the strong sense of connections and family within the program and aims to strengthen this idea of growing together through the use of a central concourse. VisionFostering future community leaders by promoting creativity and self expression through the means of newly provided spaces that nurture students to showcase their talents.

Site Map

The cellar is a space where the students pursue their own personal interests, assisting in nurturing and showcasing their talents.

Furniture Moodboard

Bubble Diagram

Floor Plans with Different Plaza Functions

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